My Favorite Blogs!!

I am continuing with the everyday in May Challenge.  I am off a bit, because life happens… but I still have loads to say, so I am going to persevere and keep going!

Day 19… Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them.

1. I LOVE Kristi M at Fireworks and Fireflies.  It isn’t just because she was one of my fave friends from college.  It isn’t just so I can catch up with Kristi and her growing family and her openness about her calling to adopt.  It is both of those things plus the fact that she gives God all the glory for her beautiful and bountiful blessings.


2. Candace Jo at Hope in the Healing is one of my favorite people on the planet right now.  At a time when I was feeling down, lonely, unworthy, and burdened, she was there to encourage and lift me up.  She will never know how much I truly love and thank her for her friendship.  Her blog is filled with stories of her beautiful journey with God, her husband, and her sons.  Her joy is so contagious… you sometimes forget that she is struggling with daily pain.  I love, Love, LOVE my friend Candace Jo!


3. I met Kate at Sluiter Nation through her testimony at She Reads Truth.  Her candid-ness of her fight with mental illness while doing a bang-up job of being a supportive wife, loving mom, and fulltime teacher had me hooked and I have followed her blog ever since.  She is so honest and real.  She is a true inspiration!!


4.  She Reads Truth has truly saved my life.  The community of sisterhood has prayed with me, inspired me, and encourage me in more ways than I think any of them know.  I have so many sisters there that I look forward to hearing from everyday (Candace Jo, Jesusgirl71, Rocknita55, Cynthia, Carolynmimi, Junebug, Ellen MR, among others… I love you all!)  I may never meet any of them, but their insight and fellowship have been a source of strength for me.  I have never felt so close to my God, so engaged in His word, and so encouraged to witness as I do now in this season of my life.  Thank you!


5.  Quillan and Angela at Toemail have a must-see blog!  Toemail is a collaborative photography project featuring original photographs of toes of both genders, from the newborn to the elderly, photographed at outdoor or indoor locations around the globe.  The pictures are creative and fun… the locations are inspiring.  Reading the posts each day have me wanting to take pictures of my feet everywhere I go! (Like as I mom I don’t already have tons of pictures of my feet just to prove that I was there with my family, albeit behind the camera… anyone else have to do that?)  Check them out!  A great escape from the seriousness of life!


To be completely honest, my Feedly app is teeming with unread posts from other great bloggers… but these are some of the ones who get read regularly, despite my busy schedule.  Check them out and send them some love from me! 🙂


One thought on “My Favorite Blogs!!

  1. I can’t believe I left out SRT in my faves! Yikes! Hope I don’t get kicked out of the club 🙂 And totally honored I was included here, and humbled by the kind words. You will never know what YOU have meant to ME! And I am intrigued by the TOE THINGY..heading over to check it out!! 🙂

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