Tower of Terror

I am continuing with the everyday in May Challenge.  I am off a bit, because life happens… but I still have loads to say, so I am going to persevere and keep going!

Day seven: The thing(s) you’re most afraid of.

Ok, so I am not one of those women who scream their heads off at the sight of a bug, snake, or mouse (they have to be right on top of me and threatening my existence to warrant an all out hissy fit).  I refuse to do the horror movie thing… so I am fearless out of denial in that regard.  I am not afraid of crowds or speaking/singing in public.  But I do have a fear.  It has been tested.  True story.

I do not mind heights.  I have climbed to the top of the Washington Monument, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Eiffel Tower.  I have flown on planes and lived to tell the tale.  I am, however, afraid of falling.

That may sound weird: being able to climb to dizzying heights but having a fear of falling.  I can’t explain it.  Maybe I am just super careful.  Maybe I saw one too many episodes of Lee Majors in The Fall Guy.  I will go as high as you want me too… but I will not put myself too close to an edge or on a narrow path or anything that may lead to losing my footing.

So, why did I agree to go with Big Girl on the Tower of Terror?  No, really… WHY?

Tower of Terror_03

The Tower of Terror is a ride at Disney World that puts a crowd of people into an “elevator”, takes them to a dizzying height about the park, proves it by showing them the breath-taking view, and then drops them again and again and again.  Here’s the story:

We had a fast pass.  We did not have to go through any lines or wait for any real length of time.  Big Girl had just ridden with her dad and was begging me to ride with her.  I think the word “chicken” may have been thrown out there by Hubby… so it was game on.

The closer we got to the tower, the bigger the lump in my throat got.  We climbed onto the elevator and strapped ourselves into our seats.  Directly behind me were some loud and obnoxious young men making fun of all the people they saw getting off the ride.  They were loudly bragging about how many times they had ridden and how easy the ride was and admonishing those who thought it was scary.  My resolve hardened.  I would not show fear in front of these obnoxious youth!  No matter how many times Big Girl grinned at me and asked if I was ok, I just smiled and steadied myself.  My plan was to keep my eyes closed and try not to think about what was going on around me.  I prayed, hummed happy tunes, envisioned myself on the beaches of Hawaii… whatever would take my mind off the impending doom.  I could not show fear in front of those boys!!

The tower lifted us up, up, up… often opening the doors to show us the view of the park.  Then Big Girl told me to get ready.  There was a loud sound and they dropped us.  The drop was not that far.  It didn’t last very long.  It was even a little exhilarating.  I looked at her and grinned.  Maybe I would survive it after all.  They lifted us a little, then came another drop.   This one was longer than the last.  It wasn’t quite as fun.  I was fighting the urge to beg for my life.  The obnoxious boys were still behind me, laughing.  Big Girl looked at me and gave me a warning that the last one was coming… and I had already been warned that the last one was the big one.  The grand finale.  I braced myself.  I fought back tears.  I prayed to my Creator one. last. time.  Then the bottom fell out and we fell.  We kept falling.  We stopped somewhere between hot molten lava and the third level of hell.  I could not breathe.  Big Girl was laughing.  The obnoxious boys were laughing.  I was trying to keep my lunch down and continue to act my age.

We walked calmly off the elevator and back out into the park to meet up with Hubby and Little Man.  I couldn’t speak.  I was trying to put as much distance as I could between me, the tower, and the obnoxious boys.  We found Hubby and I lost my resolve.  I cried.  I cried like a little baby.  I begged them all to never, EVER make me do that again.  It has been a source of ridicule ever since…

Did I mention we are going back there in a month?  Can you guess what ride I will NOT be riding?!

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