It’s What I Do…

I am continuing with the everyday in May Challenge.  I am off a bit, because life happens… but I still have loads to say, so I am going to persevere and keep going!

Day Six  (Yes, if you are keeping score, I skipped a day.  I’m making up for lost time, after all.): If you couldn’t answer with your job, How would you answer the question “what do you do”?

This one is actually pretty tough.  I do A LOT.

I am a Christian: so I pray, I read scriptures and prayers and devotions and blogs, I pray, I attend church and prepare lessons, I pray, and I lead the children and the youth (along with Hubby) in choir as well as sing in the adult choir.  I am a child of God and my purpose is to further His kingdom, so I actively take part in His mission each day.

I am a techie: I create videos, load videos, help others with websites and basic computing, play on my iPad, and basically enjoy living in a world filled with technology.

I am a mom and a wife: I counsel, I pray, I hang out, I laugh, I cry, I explore, I drive the “taxi”, I plan, and I do all I can to make life more meaningful for a group of people that I call family.

I teach: (before you cry foul because you know that is my job, just let me explain) through my example, I try to teach people that I come in contact with each day that there is an awesome God out there waiting for them, wanting them to call His name, and prepared to offer them the miracle of His love and forgiveness.

I stay pretty busy with all that I do.  Sometimes I complain about the load… I mean, I can take on too much at one time.  But, God’s hands are way bigger than mine and He always sees me through those trials.  I may complain from time to time, but I do see my purpose in God’s plan through each task I take on.  I try to do it all for His glory and the furthering of His kingdom.  He makes it worth it all.

IPAD 058


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