Continuing with Jenni’s May Blog Challenge…Today I am to write about things that make me uncomfortable.

That was a toughie… I have thought and thought all day about things that I find uncomfortable.  I mean, I am a pretty laid back person (most of the time)… and apart from needing everyone to be happy with me, I am usually hunky dory.  Then it occurred to me.  I cannot stand confrontation.

Maybe it is because I am a people pleaser.  Maybe I am just too happy and sappy sweet (yeah right).  I just cannot stand confrontation.  I do not want to confront or be confronted.  I cannot defend myself.  I can never think of anything clever or bold or fearless to say in the moment (that comes later when the person is long gone and I am reliving the moment again and again with varying levels of bravery).

It doesn’t matter if it is someone I barely know, like an irate parent, or someone more personal to me, like Hubby or a friend from church.   I do not like being confronted, being put on the spot, or being backed in a corner.  I cower, I shy away, I become a yes-person, or any number of other cowardly things.

If I ever do get bold and attempt to stand up to my confronter, I spend the next several days in a fit of guilt. So, truly, I can’t win for losing. Sigh.

What about you?  Are the bold, speak what’s on your mind type of person who can handle confrontation with ease?  Or are you the sniveling, cowardly, depressing type… like me?

2 thoughts on “Confrontation

  1. I’ve missed you so I came looking for you! I hate confrontation too! I just cannot walk up to someone and give them the “what-for” even if they deserve it 🙂 I get sick to my stomach if someone does it to me too. Doesn’t make me perfect by any means, I sure have things I WANT to say, but I am thankful most of the time I can hold my tongue.

    • Thank you for missing me! I have been keeping up with SRT and all your posts… Just been behind the scenes. Such a busy time for me. I am looking forward to summer break so I can breathe a little easier. 🙂 I love you, my friend!!

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