Vessel of Useless Knowledge

As I mentioned yesterday, I am taking Jenni up on her May Blog Challenge.  Today’s challenge is to educate all of you on something I know a lot about or are really good at… sigh.  Where on earth do I begin?! Haha

Truly, I am one of the lucky people in this life that is crafty (I crochet and scrapbook), mechanical (I can put together just about anything and have my own pink tool set), technological (I am very good with a camera and a computer and even had my own video business doing wedding and personal videos for a few years), as well as being amazingly smart (ok, so that is what my mom has always told me… but I do teach fifth grade science and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once…).  So what one topic would I choose?

I guess the best choice would be to tell you how I became known as the “Vessel Of Useless Knowledge”.  I know quite a few facts.  I have often thought I would do well on a game show of pop culture.  I can sing just about any theme song from the eighties and nineties.  I can tell you about actors and actresses, directors and TV shows.  I practically memorized all the entertainment questions from the original Trivial Pursuit game (ummm… I should probably also mention that I am competitive, especially when it comes to beating my brother at Trivial Pursuit or James Bond themed Scene-It!).  Want to know info about the Andy Griffith Show, or John Ritter, or John Denver, or Jim Henson and the Muppets?  I am your gal!  Want to know questions about King Edward and Wallis Simpson, or Princess Di, or Marilyn Monroe, or Laura Ingalls Wilder?  Give me a holler.  I can answer many historical questions about the Civil War, but I can tell you a lot more about the letters that were written from soldiers to family members (I mean, those where the entire reason I begged my parents to fork over $50 for Ken Burns’s book!).  If it has little or no use to you and your everyday life, I know oodles and gobs about it and will gladly share with great fervor!

A favorite game I used to play with my cousin was one we made up (before it became popular with Kevin Bacon fans around the world) and called “Link”.  We attempted to link actors to each other in as few roles as possible.  It was 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, hold the Bacon.  And I rocked at that game!!  It didn’t hurt that my cousin is 12 years younger than me.  I smoked her every time.

Oh… one thing about that whole “competitive” comment earlier.  My brother is a huge James Bond fan.  I had never had much desire to see the movies, but I knew about them.  He thought he would be funny and challenge me to a round of James Bond Scene-it.  Challenge accepted!  Over the course of the next few weeks, I watched EVERY MOVIE, took copious notes from IMDB about the directors, writers, producers, actors and committed as much as I could to memory.  When we got together, our spouses quickly bowed out of the game… they realized it was a death match and we were out for blood.  And by the end of the evening, my brother realized that I have no shame.

Me and my amazing little brother... both of us equally competitive with each other, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Me and my amazing little brother… both of us equally competitive with each other, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Yes, I am a vessel of useless knowledge.  None of it will earn me money or respect… but I am who I am.


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