Beautiful, Blissful Chaos!

God brought me through one of the busiest, craziest weekends of my life.  I owe Him all glory, honor, and praise.  I have spent the last two days showing how God single-handedly brought me through my busy schedule.  Today, I want to tell you how God didn’t leave me, even when my busy, stressful time was done.

I am a teacher.  I teach fifth grade science to 96 inquisitive 10 and 11 year olds in a rural town in the state where nothing could be finer.  I had a plan for this week (my administration is a stickler for lesson plans), but things did NOT go according to plan!  They were better!!

After the amazing job my children’s choir did on their musical last Sunday, I was asked by a mom if I was going to be taking Monday off and sleeping in.  I wasn’t.  The thought hadn’t even occurred to me.  I have loved this school year so much, I have only missed one day the whole year!  My plan for that Monday was to have an old friend come in as a guest speaker for Earth Day and spend the rest of the week finishing up our unit on motion and force.  My friend arrived late and begged forgiveness.  He needed to attend to an emergency at work and needed to come back and cover one of my classes a day for the next four days.  I was happy to oblige him, but I was immediately worried as to how I would work through my current lesson plans with this giant rift to my schedule.

What resulted was a beautiful, blissful chaos!  My beautiful kids quickly adapted to the altered plan.  I lived by my calendar for the rest of the week, with each of my four classes doing something different every day so that I could make materials stretch and still cover all the labs and lessons I needed to cover as well as make time for the guest speaker each day.  And it worked perfectly.  Each day, one of my classes made their cars from our Kinnex kit while others oohed and aahed over their creations and completed lessons.  Then after one class raced their cars and measured their speed (speed= distance/time), cars were dismantled so the next class could use the pieces to create their own masterpieces.  Classes waited with anticipation for their turn with the guest speaker because they heard their classmates talking about all they had done with him to test water samples.  And I was blissfully happy to be away from the mundane routine!


Little Man got to help out and agitate the sample so we could get a proper reading of dissolved oxygen from our water sample.


The view from my seat… my kids were so excited about getting to help out on testing water samples for a world wide water registry!!

image image image image image

And now?  I am finished with direct instruction!  It is countdown time!!  We will review and test this unit and then focus on reviewing past objectives in preparation for the End of Grade test!

This year has flown by and I know it is all by the grace of God.  He has seen me through this year.  He had made it the best year of my 18 year career.  He has given me the opportunity to teach my own little man and love it!!!  To God be all the glory!!

Thank you, Lord, for making this week so unbelievably special.  Thank you for being in the midst of the chaos so that there could be fun and learning.  I love you, Lord!


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