Happily Forever After

I am continuing my series of writings about how God helped me through last weekend: probably one of the busiest weekends of my life.  I am writing these posts not only for posterity, but also to give God the glory!  He is so good to me!

It was indeed a busy weekend.  It began with a much harried dress rehearsal with my Little Praises.  That was followed by our youth group’s Carnival for Christ (admittedly, that was more stressful for Hubby, but it still added to the chaos).  That Sunday morning began with a God-filled and God-planned worship service.  Then, I started gearing myself up for the musical that evening.

First, I have to point out that my precious Savior gave me a nap during the day that refreshed both my body and soul.  As Hubby led his youth choir practice without me, I set up 82 chairs for our audience, decorated the stage with our homemade royal banners and flags, and prayed.  I was eerily without stress.  But I knew deep in my heart that the absence of stress was the presence of God.

The kids were hyped up for the big event.  It was hard to keep them quiet in the wings as our guests began to arrive. The minutes ticked by very slowly.  I was so ready to see the end of this long journey.  We had been practicing since January.  I had cried, worried, and prayed over the kids and the music.  But a mom shared in church the Sunday before that her son had given himself to God and prayed the Sinner’s Prayer with her because of this musical.  It was all the confirmation I needed that God was in it.  We could flop and it would still be worth it.  But I knew He would not let us flop.

HFA Flyer

The kids came onstage and smiled their biggest smile.  They spoke their lines and sang their songs.  They delivered punch lines they didn’t understand and appeared immensely satisfied when the laughter I promised them actually came.  The very long play seemed to fly through scene after scene.  And then it was over.

I cried.  I usually do.  I was happy it was over, and so very proud of the job they had all done.  My precious little ones hugged each other, their parents, and me… and they graciously accepted the accolades they had earned.  They may still be too young to understand, but I knew the reason why it had gone so well.  God was in control.  Hubby beamed from the back… he said it was the best they had ever done.  And it was.

I have been involved in many plays and musicals in my life.  I know that poor rehearsals lead to great performances.  But I also know that my God was there that night.  He was there in the voices, in the faces, and in the movements of His littlest witnesses.  He planned this musical from the beginning.  I questioned Him (and was questioned by many) as to whether this play was too big for our little group.  But what may be too big for us was no big deal for our Father!

Three little birds sitting on the window sill

Not one falls unless it’s the Father’s will

Even more than He cares for the birds

He loves His kids, I read it in the Word

His plan gives me a future and hope

So I’ll trust God I know He’s in control

He Has a perfect plan for me-e-e

Before the world even came to be-e-e

I’ll follow faithfully because

He has a perfect plan for me! Yeah!


Thank you, Father, that you had a plan for me and my little ragtag group.  Thank you for using us, in a mighty way, to bring honor and glory to Your Great Name.  I love you, Lord! 

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