Little Is Much When God’s in It

I have been laying low over the last week.  I was taking a much-needed break… but I wasn’t far away.  I have been keeping up with all of you while I rested, spent time with my family, and communed with my Lord.

For the next few days, I am going to forego my usual post schedule and just reflect on my busy weekend that led to my need for rest.  I do this not only to share for posterity, but also to give honor and glory to my God who made it all possible.

Today, I want to reflect on our Singspiration Sunday.


My pastor asked me to plan a special “5th Sunday Sing” last summer.  It was deemed “Singspiration Sunday” and was such a big hit that we have since had 2 others.  God planned the first two through me.  Literally, He planned it all.  Names came into my heart to invite to sing or share testimony.  The worship services followed different themes that were ordained by Him and they practically “planned themselves”.

This time was very different.  My pastor chose the theme and asked me to plan around the theme.  Because it was the day before Earth Day, that was the theme she wanted to follow.  She even wanted to hold the service outside (which was going to be a logistical nightmare for me… a whole other story).

I have to admit, I was completely frustrated with the theme.  Nothing was coming easily to me.  My pastor had suggested people to talk to and involve, but each one I asked politely said no.  I was already involved with my children’s choir musical and helping our youth group with their carnival that same weekend… I was beginning to feel like this Singspiration wasn’t going to happen.  I even tried to back out, unsuccessfully, more than once.

Then, God gave me two people to invite to share their testimony.  They did not hesitate, although it was pretty obvious they were nervous.  Our choir director and I decided to make the music simple, traditional hymns sung to a simple guitar (perfect for an outside service) rather than a lot of praise and worship.  I went to the internet and searched for scriptures on creation.  I literally copied and pasted the shortest ones, in order, into the document where I was planning the service and started to pray.

Then God did His thing.

I have to admit that I was nervous about how it would all play out.  I did not have a lot of help for reading scriptures… and I had lots of scriptures included to read.  So, I paired several verses together so they could be read by fewer readers.  I began to panic because I wasn’t 100% sure they would all go together.  I was afraid it would seem jumbled and thrown together (which it was) and I would make a mockery of this worship service.  But God had other plans.

Without any help from me, the scriptures not only fit the hymns we sang, but perfectly went with the testimonies that were shared.  God took each item of the worship service (including the fact that it was held inside due to cooler weather) and had them work together like instruments in a beautiful symphony playing out a harmony only He could orchestrate.  I cried.  He is so amazing.  I was physically, emotionally, and mentally overdrawn and unable to make it happen on my own.  But God, the Divine Conductor, took it and made a beautiful melody that was both a witness to His love and a reflection of His glory.  I love my Lord so much!

Thank you, Lord, that you are so awesome and powerful.  Thank you for taking what little I could offer and making it more than I could hope for.  Little is much, when you’re in it… and I praise your Holy name!



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