The Truth Is…

The truth is…

Right now, I am experiencing more stress in my church life than in my school life.  This is amazing, considering the fact that I am preparing for an end of grade test which I am solely responsible for!

I think I may have mentioned once before that I am a person who has trouble saying no.  More than anything, I hate to see things go undone or get done poorly…

I have been preparing since late January for my children’s choir musical, Happily Forever After.  We perform next Sunday.  We have yet to go through the entire play (it is rather lengthy) and not all my babies know their parts!!  Yikes!

To top it off, the weekend will be filled with a lot more church stress:

Saturday morning will be our dress rehearsal. Sigh

Saturday afternoon, we will be participating in our youth group’s Carnival for Christ.  As the youth choir directors, Hubby and I are in charge or planning the entertainment for that evening. Sigh

One of my many responsibilities at church is to prepare the weekly announcements to be projected and upload those announcements to our website.  I will need to have those prepare way before the weekend. sigh

I am the Sunday School teacher for THAT class.  The one and only.  So, I will be preparing and teaching the lesson. sigh

The Sunday worship service is our singspiration Sunday of which I am in charge of planning. sigh

Then we perform the musical that night followed by a covered dish that I have to delegate the responsibility for so that it is ready when we are finished. Sigh

That is a lot of work, and a lot of sighing.  Lord, I give it all to You because the truth is… without you I am a hot mess!


Post script…

PRAISE GOD!!  In anticipation of the busy week ahead, I prepared many of my posts in advance and scheduled them for later in the week.  I wrote this particular post late last Friday.  Right now, it is Sunday and I have been given a beautiful confirmation from God!  During the time in our worship when we are given the opportunity to offer ways that God has been moving in our lives, a mom of one of my sweet little choir members stood up to speak.  She spoke of how she and her 6 year old son listen to the CD of our musical everyday to and from school.   This week, he began asking his mom questions about the play which led to a discussion about living with Jesus in His Kingdom.  During that conversation, that little boy gave himself to the Lord and prayed the sinner’s prayer with his mom!  No matter how stressed I may have felt, or worried over the outcome of this show, God has shown me that He is in charge and He has already done great things!!  I am filled with such joy and emotion, I haven’t stopped crying all day!  Praise God!!


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