Desire to Inspire #5

Hubby has been gone nearly a week to Atlanta.  If they get finished with all their meetings, he will be home tonight!  So, that leads me to this week’s Desire to Inspire…

Praying for my husband’s job.

Hubby works in the propane industry.  And to be completely honest, that industry is not very secure right now.  With El Nino and global warming, our fine southern state has not had a really cold winter in over three years.  No snow and frost means people are not having to use their gas logs and propane heaters like they normally would.

Hubby has the difficult task of running the warehouse here and reporting back to the home office in Georgia.  The operation is small, only 4 people including him.  But as manager, he has a lot of stress.  For a person who already has little to no patience, stress makes life very interesting.

Truly, it behooves me to pray for Hubby’s work life because it greatly affects our home life.  If his day has been exceptionally taxing, it makes the evening a tad strained.  He does not intentionally bring home his work stress, but it is hard to come home and defrag from a hard day with the noisy sounds of dinner prep, recounting school days, arguing over homework, arguing over who is looking at whom, and the other typical drama of a house with a teen and tween.

I do what I can to help him forget the stresses of work, but what works best for Hubby (and probably most men like him) is to leave him in peace with complete control of the remote.  He still wants to be with all of us… which means I play the role of sergeant-at-arms or hall monitor.

I am sure many of you have similar experiences.  Your spouse may have different job related stresses or may handle stress in different ways… but our job as their partner is to be a positive supporter.  Sometimes that means lending an ear.  Sometimes that means giving them space.  But all the time it should mean supporting them and lifting them up in prayer.

I borrowed this prayer from Amanda at A Royal Daughter.  This prayer comes from her prayer dare, praying for your husband.  It truly fits this situation.

I pray that my husband will find favor with those with whom he works.  Please empower him so that he can demonstrate a good work ethic, as unto you (Colossians 3:23-24).  Oh Lord, I ask that you give him patience when he is stressed because of his job, that he will demonstrate a Christ-like attitude even when things aren’t going his way.

I encourage all of you to continue to lift up your spouse daily in prayer.  You will see a difference… in yourself!  You will feel a difference… in your marriage!




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