Desire to Inspire #4


I have been praying for my Hubby each day.  His health is still poor, he has had quite a tough week at work, and he is getting ready for a much unwanted business trip.  And I have continued praying.  I have even emailed him a few of my prayers just to let him know that I was… and how much I love him.  And I am still praying.  And he is well worth it!  But that isn’t what I want to write about today.

His week has been tough.  And next week is going to be even tougher.  Instead of just praying for him, I decided to up the ante.  I decided to speak his language.  His love language.

Hubby and I have taken the little love language quiz more than once.  And both times the answers were the same.  My primary language is physical touch.  His is acts of service.   And, boy!, is it tough to be bilingual!

I have known this bit of information for some time.  I try to speak his language as often as I can.  But, truly, I know the act of service he feels most treasured by is cleaning the house.  And that is just crazy not my thing.  I love a clean house as much as the next guy.  Really I do.  But, I loathe cleaning.  Despise it!  And yet, I am doing it.  Not spot cleaning– which I am really good at and have been making a go of for quite some time.  I mean deep gotta-wear-gloves kind of cleaning.  You know, company-is-coming-to-sleep-in-our-beds-and-wash-in-our-showers kind of cleaning.  And I have done it three weeks in a row.  Go, Amy!!

And he has noticed.  And he has softened.  And I feel good about it.  No, I feel great about it.

I like speaking his language.  I like praying for him daily.  He may not comment when I want or how I want.  But, I am no longer thinking it is all about his reaction.  This is about my showing the man I love how much I love him.  And in the process, I am feeling good about myself, good about my marriage, and closer to him in a lot of ways.

Dear Lord,  I thank you for the amazing soul mate that you planned for me.  Let him know that he is loved.  Let my words and actions be a constant reminder, not just of how much I love him… but of how much you love him.  Be with him and keep him safe.  Protect him from all harm.  Lift him up and hold him tightly in your embrace.


Have you or your spouse ever taken the quiz?  Do you know your love language?  Do you know theirs?  It is more important than you can imagine.  And it will mean more than you would think.  If you want to know more, look here.  You can take the quiz (there’s even an app for that!), order the book, or even get study materials for your church.  There is even info for learning your child’s love language (our Sunday School class has done that study before… it does help you learn how to be a better parent for your child).  Give it a try!  Become bilingual!  Let me know how it goes!  I love to hear from you!

For more about Desire to Inspire, visit Amanda at A Royal Daughter.


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