At the Moment…

At the moment, you will find me…

Watching… Hubby and Little Man.

IPAD 743

They are both sick.  I have been taking temperatures, delivering meals and snacks, rubbing heads and backs, and basically running like a chicken with my head cut off from room to room to store and back again to care for my special men.


Reading… I would like to say I am finished reading the Secret Garden AND Praying God’s Word, but alas I am not.  Not only that, but I have a third book I am very excited about reading waiting in the wings on my ipad.

Excited about… I am on break!!  I can read those books!  Maybe even finish them!!  It doesn’t matter that I am on the couch so I can get some sleep Hubby can rest.  I can sleep in, I can stay in my pjs, I can eat anytime I want… Praise God!

Counting down… We are in the 70s people!  I can hardly wrap my head around it!  Unfortunately, the realization has me more in a panic of how close our children’s musical, Big Girl’s birthday, Children’s Day, and EOG testing are… yikes!  Just keep your mind on the mouse, Amy!

Studying… I am done with Kings!  Yeah!  In celebration of Holy Week, my lesson this Sunday will be the death and resurrection of our Lord.  Then we are skipping Chronicles (yay!) and moving on to Ezra!  I am in uncharted territory on my part, but I am very excited!

Missing… my friend.  ‘Nuff said.  Not gonna dwell on the past or wish things were different.  But I miss her anyway.

Following…  I absolutely love my new friend, Nannette!  She has such an uplifting blog.  I cannot stop reading her wonderful stories of her walk with our Lord!  Check her out!

Craving… Starbucks…


What else?!  Something hot… but I am really looking forward to the season of the cold drink!

Now that I have caught you up on what I have been up to, let me go check on the patients (and pray Big Girl and I stay healthy).  Let me know how you are!  I love hearing from you!!


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