I’m Thankful…

I am so thankful…

2 Millenia ago, my God loved me so much that He sent His son.  His son, my King… born to very humble beginnings.  Born to live a guiltless, sin-free life of service to others.  Born for me.

I am so thankful…

This King was a teacher who spoke words of love, forgiveness, and grace.  Words that devout people wrote down so that I could turn to those words on those thin pages and find peace.  Peace spoken just for me.

I am so thankful…

This King, this wonderful man, entered the city to cheers and praise.  He entered the city as a king… knowing fully what no one else would imagine.  Knowing the fate that was awaiting him.  The price he would have to pay.  The price he would pay for me.

I am so thankful…

This beautiful man who prayed in the garden, asked His Father to take his cup… but He accepted His fate because He knew it was God’s Will.  He knew– no matter how scary it was, no matter how painful it would be– He was there to fulfill the scriptures, to fulfill the plan.  He was there because 2000 years later a woman would be lost in the guilt and pain of her sin and would need a Savior.  He did that for me.

I am so thankful…

This guilt-free man took on intense pain.  He took on incredible taunting.  He was sinless but bore the weight of my sin.  He died for me.

I am so thankful…

This amazing man conquered the grave!  Not only had he faced the devil, accepted his sentence, paid the price… but he fought death and won!  He arose!  He sits at the right hand of our Father in Heaven and prepares a place… FOR ME!

I am so thankful…

Despite the fact that I fall short DAILY, despite the fact that I disappoint regularly, despite all my faults…  Jesus chose me!  Jesus found me worth dying for!  Jesus saw my sin, He saw my mistakes and flaws, and He LOVES me anyway!


Throughout the rest of this Holy Week, let us reflect on what Jesus endured.  The pain, the ridicule, the battle… all for us.  We are deemed worthy through his blood.  Reflect on that, friends, and be thankful.


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