At the Moment…


Watching… Hubby and I are enjoying The Bible. The series is nearly over… I wish is would last longer. It could… They could go back and pick up the great stories they left out. 😉 Just saying…
Reading… Yes, I am still reading The Secret Garden. During the school year, I don’t get to read all the time. But I have also been reading the book Praying God’s Word for Your Husband (see here). I feel like I will never finish either…
Excited about… I am soooooo very excited about spring break. By this time next week, I will be relaxing at home. Well, truly, I will be finishing projects that I have been putting off for way too long. But at least I will be able to sleep late. I can even wear pajamas all day if I want to!
Counting down… Yep! I am still counting down to Disney!!! I can hardly wait!!!  We are in the 80’s!  It doesn’t seem possible!
Studying… Still in the book of 2 Kings.  I am really ready to finish this book.  God’s word never ceases to amaze me… but I am ready to move on from all these wicked kings with names I cannot pronounce!
Missing… Boy, am I missing the warm weather!! Don’t get me wrong, I prefer the cooler temps of fall and winter. But we haven’t had a measurable snowfall this season (in several seasons, actually) and if there isn’t going to be anything fun to play in, we might as well have warm weather. Or at least that’s how I see it!
Following… I absolutely LOVE keeping up with Kristi and the M family at Fireworks and Fireflies. Kristi and I went to college together. She writes so beautifully about how God is moving in her growing family (her #2 prophesied 10 kids… they are in the process of adopting #5). She and her husband are doing a good work through advocating for adoption.
Craving… Maybe I am actually craving summer, but right now I am really wanting some seafood. Specifically, I am wanting some shrimp and grits!!! This dish is a favorite on the coast of the state where nothing could be finer. Last week, my Starbucks craving was taken care of within the hour… Maybe I need to find my shrimp and grits recipe and take care of business tonight!!


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