At the Moment…

Here are a few things I am doing/loving/following at the moment…


Watching… the TV is always on in the K house.  But we find we are most often flipping channels to find something worth landing on, without ever really watching a full episode of anything.  Hubby and Little Man watch a lot of Wrestling now that football season is over.  Hubby and I are Hurricane hockey fans, so you may find an occasional game on.  But the only thing truly worth watching and staying on these days are old episodes of Friends, The Big Bang Theory, new episodes of The Walking Dead, and the classic (and my favorite show of all time) Andy Griffith Show.


Reading… I am currently reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Let me explain… Little Man is reading this book with his class and HE LOVES IT!  I was given this particular copy from my grandparents when I was his age, but I never read it.  I tried, but I was just interested in other things.  The books I was reading at the time were another genre and I found this one to be entirely too boring.  But Little Man’s excitement got me excited and I have given it another try.  I am hoping I can find the time to finish it around the time his class does so that we can all watch the movie together.


Excited about… Rhett Walker Band is coming to our town to put on a benefit concert for our church!  Hubby is heading it up and I am trying to keep up with him.  We love their music and cannot wait to see them live and to MEET THEM!  If you are not familiar, I completely recommend!!  Check them out!!


Counting down… yes, I am counting down till Summer Vacay and it isn’t even Spring Break yet!  But we have someone special waiting for us at the start of summer.  He has big ears, a big grin, and lots of goofy friends!  And there are only 92 days left!!!  YAY!


Studying… THAT class (my Sunday School Class) is currently studying 1 and 2 Kings.  As their fearless leader, I am delving deep into God’s word to find the precise message needed for my ragtag group.  We may be here another week or so, but I am enjoying learning more about Elijah and Elisha and those wicked kings (and queens) of Israel and Judah!


Missing… I am missing my brother and his family some kind of bad lately.  They are overseas in Egypt and it has been waaaayyy too long since we last Facetimed.  Hmmmm… sounds like something I can do right now… 🙂


Following… The list of blogs I am following is getting longer and longer.  But at the top of my list is one I stumbled on at She Reads Truth.  Kim gave her testimony with our group and I had to learn more.  She writes beautifully about her family’s call to advocate for orphans in the Ukraine.  Not just any orphans, but orphans with Down Syndrome.  And she isn’t just advocating… her family has been called to move there!  Follow her story!!


Craving… as I sit here in the dark, quiet of my house, I am REALLY wanting a cinnamon dulce latte.  I could get dressed, throw my hair in a ponytail, and run to get one (my gold card still has a balance on it!)… but the closest one is more than 15 minutes away and I know the fam would realize I was gone… and then THEY’D want one!!  I said I was craving… not that I was willing to share!!

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