The View from My Seat

This is the view from my seat… My morning routine.


I get up before the dawn to get myself ready before making my kiddos get ready for school.  But lately, I have been using that extra half hour or more to sit quietly on my corner of the couch and commune with God.  She Reads Truth is my devotion community, YouVersion is my bible.  I spend time in the scripture followed by the wonderful insights of like minded Christian sisters.  It is my jump start.
Then it is time to turn on the lights in the house and wake the kids up (note: Hubby relishes the extra hour of sleep, so we have to ready ourselves rather quietly). I make one trip to my big’s room and multiple trips to my little’s.  Then I sit back in the corner of my couch and ready myself with makeup and the day’s news. (Love my morning crew!!)
Little man and I make time for a devotion together (love, love LOVE YouVersion for that!!), my dad picks up big girl to go to high school, and then we are on our way…
What a way to greet the day! I love my happy life!!

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