On the Edge of My Seat

Last week, Kim shared with SRT about being on the edge of your seat for God.  That really spoke to me.  Being on the seat edge of your seat means that you are braced for action.  You are not comfortable, you are ready to step out of your comfort zone.  You are excited about what is happening around you and you are ready to take your place in the midst of it.   Immediately I knew… that is what I wanted.  I wanted to be so excited for God, so ready to serve Him, that I am on the edge of my seat.

I shared with a friend recently that I am waiting for God to show me His plan for me.  I mean, I have been through a lot during the last year.  God told me immediately that I was to prepare my testimony of how He had given me His forgiveness and grace because He had a plan for me.  I have shared my testimony once at church, but He wasn’t finished writing it for me.  My story was not complete.  I pointed out to my friend that I felt like a puppy brimming with excitement, anxiously anticipating where my Master will throw the ball.

I think He threw the ball this week…

My pastor asked me to brainstorm ideas that would help revitalize our Wednesday night missions group.  We are only a year old, and a lot of the zest has left and people are not returning… I had some ideas enter my head right away but I was hesitant to share too much.  I was afraid of being asked to take on the project.  I lead the children’s choir, I teach fifth graders every day… I was feeling like maybe someone else should take the reins and give me a break.

As I surfed the net looking for ideas to share with someone else, I started formulating a plan for a kids ministry for our church.  And I was getting really excited about it.  I mean really excited!  More and more ideas came and as the ministry started to come together in my mind and on paper, I felt God saying that I needed to do this.  Like it or not, this is my gift and I must use my gifts to glorify Him.

To say I am excited about this is an understatement.  It is a small operation: just me and about 8 kids and 2 youth when they are all there… but I see it getting bigger.  I see God using this ministry to grow His church.  And I am on the edge of my seat to get started!


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